Volvo D13 w/SCR 13L-435 hp Diesel Engine, 6 cylinders, torque of 1650 lb. ft. (2250 NM) at 1100 rpm, EPA OBD15 environmental compliant.

• 12-speed semi-automatic
• Easy to use shiftpad
• XE (Extreme Efficiency) package for US market (with 425hp and special SW)
• Optional Allison automatic transmission

Cooling System
Lateral radiator with hydraulic fan drive
controlled by Electronic Control Module (ECM)


• Front Underrun Protection (FUP)
• Front Impact Protection (FIP)
• Engine compartment fire suppression system (EFSS)
• Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)
• Rollover testing R66 compliant

210 gallons (800 L) fuel tank

Gross Vehicle Weight Rating
Total capacity 49,400 lb. (22,407 kg.)

Front Axle
Capacity of 16,500 lb. (7,484 kg.)

Rear Axles
• Capacity of 32,900 lb. (14,923 kg.)
• Standard gear ratio of 2.64:1

Tires and Wheels

• Michelin tires 315/80R22.5 with 9-inch wheels
• Steel wheels


• Auto-leveling suspension
• 2 air springs on front axle, 4 on drive axle and 2 on tag axle
• 2 shock absorbers and a sway bar at each axle
• Power steering, 50-degree maximum angle
• 18-inch (450 mm) steering wheel diameter

Braking System

• All-wheel disc brakes with antilock braking system (ABS) with double circuitry
• Visual wear indication
• Electronic Braking System 5th generation (EBS)


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